Révolution française


The story began in 1789, year of the French Revolution, when Jean Barthe chose the gentle valleys of the Entre-Deux-Mers at Naujan-et-Postiac, in the region of Bordeaux, to plant his first vines.

Philippe Barthe


Philippe Barthe coming home from school with his mother and his brother. He managed the estate for 40 years before passing the helm to his daughter, Véronique.

A family heritage

The vineyards passed from father to son for seven generations: from Jean to Pierre, from Pierre to Marcel… until Véronique Barthe, the first girl in the family since the French Revolution, inherited the family estate in 1990. She has devoted all her passion and energy to giving new impetus to the estate, by applying her exacting standards and personal, feminine touch.

Château La Freynelle


Véronique Barthe took over the reins of the property. At that time there were 75 hectares of vines, all in need of restructuration.

Famille Barthe


The property now spans 80 hectares, is equipped with a modern state-of-the-art cellar, and produces wines that have a strong brand image both in France and abroad.

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